Monday, April 21, 2008

Livy and Logan

This weekend we hung out with our friends and watched the Jazz game. Well, actually the boys watched the game and we watched the kids and talked. It reminded me of that Tostitas commercial where the mom’s get together to hang out and they say their little babies really enjoy it so they need to do it more often. That is us. We even took pictures of the little ones so they could remember how much fun they had together. Thanks for having us over Jess!

On Sunday we ate at my parents house because my little sis and one of my best friends, Steph, is moving to California for 4 months. So we had dinner and then she had a little get-together with her friends. We had some yummy treats (What Andrus party doesn’t have good food). Logan and I are going to go and visit her this summer though so that should be fun! I will miss her until then though!


SurveysCenter Group. said...

The little kids are so cute!!

Whitney said...

Oh how fun! I wish I could have been there with you guys! Your hair is darling Britt. I love it. Are you liking it?

Heather & Trevor said...

We too watched the Jazz game and relaxed! So glad that they won! I love that you found us and that we can blog with you and keep tabs :) So fun!

Jess said...

Oh man, I just love these pics!! Seriously Logan and Liv do look alike, especially sitting next to each other ... love it!

Whitney said...

OH MY GOSH BRITT!! I took that test and I was totally Aurora, Sleeping Beauty! How funny is that?? I was even trying to answer the questions for real and not trying to think of what I "should" answer! I was laughing so hard. Man, that is great. So funny! What fun memories!

Mr Sansom said...

where was sansom's invite?

The Wright Crew said...

Hey Brit-
I just came across your blog. You look great, and it sounds like you are having the time of your lives. Your little boy is just adorable.

Ashlee (zern) Wright

Adam and Aujelle said...

I found your blog on Sydney's blog. You guys look so good its so good to see how your doing :)

The Morzelewski Family said...

Hey Britt, just wanted to comment on your earlier post about the showcase! It was so wonderful, and I just want you to know what an awesome job you have done!!! 5 years really is an accomplishment and you should be dang proud of everything you did! I know you will miss it cause I still do BUT the tradeoff is much better...more time for yourself and your FAM!! I love you to death!

the beus family said...

okay, I love that tostito's commercial. cute pictures, how lucky to have one of your best friends be your sister-in-law...that is so cool!

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