Friday, June 13, 2008

Zions and Bryce

I just got a few pictures from Jess from when we were in Zions and Bryce. We didn’t get very many, again, because we didn’t have a camera. It was so beautiful though. I wish I could have taken more. We got a back-pack with a leash for Logan. It was a little monkey so it looked like he had a monkey on his back the whole time we were hiking. He did so awesome when we were hiking though. If I can get a picture of that I will post it soon.

Here is a picture of Logan with his cousins Olivia and Max. They had so much fun together

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well I am finally back from all of our vacations. We first went to St.George with my family and did the usual down there... golfing, shopping, swimming. It was a nice to be with my whole family. Then Logan and I went with my sis Natalie, her boyfriend Derek, and my parents to visit my other sister, Steph in California. She is living there with her cute hubby Aaron for the summer. We had a blast down there. We went to an Angels baseball game, Disneyland, shopping. The best part was going to WICKED on Broadway though. WOW! I was obsessed immediately. It was the most amazing show. I never heard what it was about before we went so I went in with no expectation and came out in awe! I can't stop listening to the music. I heard that it will be coming to Utah and I have to go! Here are some pictures from the above 2 vacations.

Logan and Aunt Natalie in St. George

Logan, Bry and I hangin' out in St.George

Tim and Trent in St. George. Logan and Trent got matching sun glasses

We wore the little buddy out. He is the best kid ever though!

Logan and I at the Angels game. He got a free bat when we went in and he loved that!!!

The Andrus Girls at the theater watching Wicked

Logan and the "Nemo" ride in disneyland. He loves Nemo and would watch it all day if i would let him.

All of us in Disneyland. Dad was taking the picture though.

Me and my cute sisters at Disneyland. I mean I seriously have the cutest sisters ever!

Natalie and her cute boyfriend on the beach. I had to leave before they went to the beach, but I thought this picture was fun.

After I got back from these vacations. I had a day to do laundry and get packed for our next vacation with Bry's family. We went to Bryce and Zions and hiked. We stayed at this fun resort called Zions, Ponderosa. They had a really fun pool there with a slide and waterfall. We were able to make s'mores on one night which are one of my favorite things. I get entertained by simple things. This was a fun vacation and it was especially fun having Jess with me. It is so fun having one of your best friends as your sister. These pictures will have to follow. Our camera is broken so we had to have other people take pictures while we were on our vacations. Getting a new camera is on my long list of things to do now that I am back.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Long time no Blog...

Okay... so I know I said I was going private but that was right before I went out of town for 2 weeks. St. George then California to visit my little sis. I have so much to blog about but no time. I have been home for one day and I am leaving again today for another vacation with Bry's family. When I get home I promise I will update my blog and send you all the private blog invite. So if there is anyone out there who still wants in on the Nordy News you have a couple more days and then we will put up the privacy please sign :)

Logan & Papa

Logan & Papa
We took this picture at my sister Steph's wedding. You can't get cuter than this!

Logan"s first earache

Logan"s first earache
Our little buddy has his first earache. He was so miserable yesterday and crashed on daddy after a day at the doctor.

Bryan Project

Bryan Project
Bry's first spec home! What a talented husband I have.

Nordhoff Men

Nordhoff Men
The Nordhoff boy's fishing in Boston!

Roasting Peeps!

Roasting Peeps!
New best treat ever! If you have never tried this you need to try this!