Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bear Lake!!!

We just got back from Bear Lake last night with my mom's entire extended family.. It was an interesting vacation. We had a wonderful time, except our little buddy, who is normally happy, had a little bit of a hard time. It all started at Wendy’s when we stopped on the way to Bear Lake for a little lunch. I snapped a shot of the first of many tantrums that were thrown on our little va-cay.

Once we got there he HATED the sand he didn’t like the feel of it on his feet so he kept them straight up in the air when we tried to put him down. When we finally got him down he had to have his feet on one of Bry’s flip-flops so his feet were not touching the sand.

This is a picture of when I asked Bryan to get Logan ready to go to the pool. He let him chill naked and read books.

He was a fabulous little guy when we were on the boat, at the swimming pool or at the park throwing rocks. He also loved LeBue’s Raspberry shakes and fries. One night we did skits and my grandma and grandpa had glow sticks for all the little kids. Logan had a blast with these.

Logan learned how to Blow bubbles recently so he does it all the time in the pool. It is so cute.

The Glow Stick’s!!!

Le'Beus... Yummy!!!

Needless to say I was so excited to get my camera back that I went a little crazy with the pictures. I just kept snapping them. Well I snapped this cool picture of Logan looking at his reflection. I love digital cameras because you can just take and take and take until you get the right one and then just delete.

Here are a few more fun pictures from our little weekend.

The trip ended with Logan breaking out in hives all over his face and body. It was so sad. I was too busy trying to take care of him that I didn’t take a picture. We were going to go to the pool again but we decided then that it was time to come home. All-in-all it was a fun vacation and we are glad we went.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Positively Above Par

I don’t know anything that makes me happier than seeing my two guys play together. This past week every day Bry has come home he has come in and told Logan to get his golf clubs. They go out to the back yard and play golf together. This is really the sweetest thing to see in the whole world. Logan just picks his club right up and runs to the back door. Whenever Logan hears the garage door go up he yells out “Daddy” and stops whatever he is doing. He runs to the top of the stairs and waits patiently until Bry comes in sight. He loves his daddy so much and it is so fun to see them together. I would say watching this proves that my life is really above par.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bleach blond baby!!!

Wow! Doesn't get cuter than this little guy. The sun bleached his hair even more blond when we were in Lake Powell... I love it!

I just got my camera back today and I am so excited. I just wish I would have had it for all the vacations we have already been on. Guess this means I am going to have to go on more vacations right? We are actually going to Bear Lake this Saturday until next Tuesday and I am excited about that. Logan loves the water so it will be fun to get some pictures of him on the beach. I just wish I could have gotten some in Lake Powell with him last week. He was a trooper and just loved the water. He went on the tube with me a couple times too and he was saying “weeee” while we were going. He is going to be a little daredevil just like his dad. While in Powell I went wakeboarding for the first time in 3 summers because I have been pregnant the past few summers. I didn’t do too bad, which surprised me because I am not in “pre-baby” shape yet. Bry, of course was fabulous and hot on the wakeboard and he jumped off entirely too high cliffs. We had a great time and it was a great little get-away for our little family.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Let me just start out by telling you how much more you appreciate a camera when you don’t have one that works. I haven’t posted in forever because it has been a ridiculous journey trying to get our camera fixed. The hoops you have to go through to send in the camera with all the documents etc. Wow! They really make it as miserable as possible so that you will decide to just give up and buy a new one. Well, not me. The past 2 camera’s we have bought have broken within a year so I am going to wait it out until they send it back. When that happens, you will all be bombarded with pictures again because I will be so excited to be able to capture the exciting moments that Logan fills my day with.

We have had so many fun things happen since I blogged last. I haven’t blogged forever, once again, because I don’t have pictures and what fun is a post without a picture? As soon as I get any pictures from others that have taken them, you will see them. Until, then… bear with the boring blog. You poor people even missed pictures of my birthday… We will work on that for next year J

Logan & Papa

Logan & Papa
We took this picture at my sister Steph's wedding. You can't get cuter than this!

Logan"s first earache

Logan"s first earache
Our little buddy has his first earache. He was so miserable yesterday and crashed on daddy after a day at the doctor.

Bryan Project

Bryan Project
Bry's first spec home! What a talented husband I have.

Nordhoff Men

Nordhoff Men
The Nordhoff boy's fishing in Boston!

Roasting Peeps!

Roasting Peeps!
New best treat ever! If you have never tried this you need to try this!