Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The New Year...

So far 2010 has been pretty uneventful which is a welcome relief for us. We are all healthy and we want it to stay that way. Bry and I have started weight watchers and are doing well on it. It's nice having support when you are achieving a goal. When I feel weak for a chocolate chocolate doughnut I just tell Bry and he helps me remember what our end goal is. Just a couple pics to make this post interesting...

Our usual picture taking session...

Logan is growing up too fast. He is so skinny and is starting to get taller. Bry and I hope this will continue because we were both not blessed with grand height-especially me. He loves dinosaurs and is obsessed with watching Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. He loves playing with his daddy and gets so excited every time he comes home. We are trying to potty train right now and have been for a couple months- kind of a challenge and I have cleaned up way more than my share of messes. He also has quite a sense of humor and loves to make all of us laugh especially Shelby.

Shelby is one little flexible girl. I hope she got my genes and it stays that way becuase I find her stretching in the splits and in straddle all the time... I'm so proud :) This little angel never ceases to amaze me on how perfect she is. She has turned into a little mama's girl at the moment and cries whenever I leave the room, but no one can put her to bed like dad can. She is a little mover and can get from A to B way to fast.


Romney Family said...

Good luck with weight watchers.....it always helps to reach your goals when you have somebody right there beside you helping you out!
Logan is sure growing up fast......I wish you luck on the potty training, it seems as though at first you are cleaning up more messes than they are dry but someday he will get it! Shelby is just adorable and wow can she do the splits!
I do miss you, and someday hopefully soon we can get together. We are still in Vernal but do come to salt lake once a month or so for a day or two.
I am glad all is well with you your family!

The Funky Bunch said...

Look how cute your kids are. I mean seriously now. It sure is amazing how fast they grow.

So Sophie does the same thing when I leave the room. It's so funny. It makes you feel so loved but at the same time you feel you can't ever get anything done huh? What cuties. It's time to hang out and get them to be great friends!

Rachel said...

Bryan is one good guy, Lawrence will never ever do a diet with me!!! And it helps so much to have someone in the household cheering you on. Really, seriously Shelby's flexibility is insane!!!!

Mackay Family said...

Shelby's flexibility is crazy. She has your genes for sure. Way to go on the diet...that is awesome that you can do it together!

Taryn and the boys said...

you kids are so cute. and logan is so funny. good luck with the potty training. we're finally doing it with beckam right now. so i feel your pain.

Whitney said...

Wow! Look at Shelby! She is going to be a dancer just like her mommy. So, I haven't heard about our picture yet on the Ellen show. I turned it in but they could view it any day. Hope you guys are well!

Timothy and Candice said...

LOVE her in the splits! haha

Chase and Danielle said...

I can't believe how big your little ones are getting! They are so dang cute!! I'm glad to hear you are all finally healthy and doing well :)

the Eggett's said...

holy cow, Shelby IS flexible! I am so glad to see the pictures of your kids getting so big since I never get to see them! Hope all is well and Happy New Year! :)

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