Friday, October 9, 2009

family pictures etc...

We had our family pictures taken when we got Shelby's baby picture taken.. I am finally now posting them. We got them taken at Peekaboo Photo's who did Logan's photo shoot when he was a baby. They do such a great job! I love me children!

A few other things that have been happening...
We went to Mantua just with our little family for our first family "vacation." We only went up for 1 night and it was just perfect. We stayed in a little pop-up trailer which Logan absolutely loved. Logan's favorite part was fishing with daddy!

Bry went hunting last week with his dad and brothers and got an Elk, which he is really excited about. I had to post a picture even though I don't really like dead animals on my blog, my hubby would want this documented. So here you go babe!

I didn't want to stay home by myself all week while Bry was hunting so I went up to St. George with my parents and sister and relaxed there. Logan loves being in St. George at Nana & Papa's house. He is obsessed with dinosaurs right now so he wanted to take some pictures with his dinosaur friends.

Shelby is growing up so fast, and she is still just as sweet as ever. She is rolling over now and gets stuck on her stomach and gets so frustrated (Shelby style, as in just a small yell) I love this little angel so much.

We went to Gardner Village with Logan's little friends and Logan rode on a horse all by himself! He has the cutest friends ever!

Here is our morning ritual picture that Logan likes to take with Shelby Belle. He asks to hold Shelby and then tells me to "take a picture mom" So we are usually in our pajamas when these pictures take place, but I love it.

Alexa's birthday was yesterday and it really has gotten easier for me as time has gone by. Of course tears were shed and I miss her greatly, but yesterday a lot of my tears were just because I am so grateful to have the children I have. I seriously couldn't be more blessed than with the children I have. People always say you will never know a mother's love until you are a mother and that is so true. When we were at Alexa’s grave yesterday Logan looked at me and said “mom I want to hugs you.” I picked him up and he put his head on my shoulder and just squeezed me the whole time we were there. Seriously? Children are so intuitive. I am so grateful to be a mom to Alexa, Logan, and Shelby.


Whitney said...

I LOVE your family photos!!! What a beautiful family you have. Your little Shelby is so adorable in that hat! And Logan is very handsome!

Carrie Woolley said...

Britt, look how cute your little family is. I hope you don't mind that I check your blog from time to time! :) I miss seeing your face. You look so great!

-Carrie (Rosevear) Woolley

the Eggett's said...

Great pictures! Shelby is a doll!

Mackay Family said...

Love the family pictures! They turned out SO cute! I can't believe Shelby is rolling over...crazy.

The Magic Family said...

Amazing blog! We love you guys and are so happy that you have been so blessed! We know that you miss you baby girl, but she is such a huge part of who you guys are and we love her for that! What a sweet boy you have for comforting you like that! Just remember that he probably knows her better than we think!

Jess said...

LOVE your family pics .... that is why I had to steal some! :) Excited to hang out with you guys in St George this weekend!!!

The Funky Bunch said...

First took your pics? So cute! I am in love with those old couches! And you look beautiful. Second, fun family vacation. Third, I totally remember your grandparents house in St. George...good memories. Fourth, Shelby and Logan are adorable. Fifth, Gardner Village is fun. Sixth, you are an awesome Mommy and you truly are blessed to have 3 beautiful children. Alexa will be lucky to have you again in heaven someday, and Logan and Shelby are lucky to have you as a mommy here on earth. I sure love ya!

Todd Sansom said...

love you guys. brit, what happened to my future wife? hahaha

Logan & Papa

Logan & Papa
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