Thursday, July 16, 2009

But I don't want to be a pirate...

Logan went to a pirate princess party for his little friend, Annie. He was so excited to get in his pirate costume, but he did not want to take pictures. He walked around all day saying Arhh, Maytie . It was such a cute little party and Annie was the cutest little princess ever.

My little Shelby Belle is growing so fast. I seriously couldn’t ask for a better little girl. She started laughing a week ago and smiles all the time right on cue. I seriously can’t get enough of this little angel. Thank you Syd for the Cute outfit.

We went to the zoo on the 4th of July with my family. We thought it was going to be crowded but we got there right when it opened and it was perfect. It was overcast too, so it really was a fabulous little outing. The animals were so active too. We also went to Willowcreek where they had a little carnival. Logan loved going around on the train they had and actually sat still to get his face painted. At night we had a BBQ at matt and Jess’s which was a perfect ending to a fabulous day.

Logan loves playing with his little cousin Livy. They both love the water so we just throw them outside in their swimsuits and let them have at it. Shelby of course just hangs out with us in the shade and is as happy as could be.

My hubby and Logan are obsessed with golfing together so we went golfing for FHE last week. At Pebblebrook they let us all out on the course on one golf cart. It was really a blast. I didn’t do too bad myself either.

Logan is obsessed with anything that is Daddy’s. He loves getting in his top drawer were Bryan keeps all the miscellaneous things that wind up in his pocket. This is a constant battle, and he knows he is not supposed to get into the drawer, but he just can’t help himself. Yesterday I was feeding Shelby and walked in to see that Logan had found some little piece of pink chalk and decided to draw a picture all over our dresser. It was really nice of him, and yes, we finally moved the drawer to a higher drawer.

All, in all, just loving being a mom and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.


Mackay Family said...

Your poor dresser! Hopefully it all came off! Shelby looks adorable in that dress! You guys had a busy and fun 4th of July. Fun family golf night!

Thomas Family said...

Your family is so cute! I love that you all went golfing that is so cool! I guess I better try going with Tyler! He is always begging me to go!

Jess said...

Haha!! Love the last pic of the dresser! :) We LOVE our outings with you guys, it was a blast this week!!!

Timothy and Candice said...

Such cute pics!


fun pics. I loved the dresser one. When Abbie learned how to write the letter "A" we found it in crayon and pencil all over the walls and doors in our house. SOOOOO FUN!!!!

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