Monday, June 1, 2009

St. George

We spent most of last week in St. George with my family. It was such a nice little getaway and I felt like we grew even closer as a family. We had a lot of fun activities planned. We spent a large amount of time at the pool, which Logan LOVED of course. We also went to the park and played baseball and my multi-talented hubby took us fishing. We all had a dinner we were in charge of and for our dinner we went to the new Pirate Pizza place which was a nice change to the normal Pizza Factory visit. Shelby (the sweetness), as you can see, spent most of her time just sleeping and being adorable. Thanks fam! Love you guys!

Swim time


Baseball at the Park

Our cute 4 MEMBER family

The little buddy exploring

AND... the sweetness!

She is the best little baby ever!


Gordon and Teri said...

Brittany and Bryan ~ Love the new pic's..lots like logan had the best time!!! Shelby is adorable!!!

The Funky Bunch said...

How fun! What a cute lil' family! Can't wait to see you soon!

Mackay Family said...

How fun! I love the picture that you got of all 4 of you! So cute! I can't wait to see Shelby has been way to long!

Jess said...

I still can't believe there are 4 of you!!! YEAH!! I miss Shelby already .... even though I just saw her ..... love her!! You guys are the best, yeah we need to get together more since our kids LOVE each other! :)

Katie Corbridge said...

These pictures are amazing! You must have a sweet camera! I'd love to know what it is?!? Your little family is just the cutest thing ever too!

Budge Family said...

Looks like fun! I think the last time I saw your family it was in St. George. Sounds so relaxing....Ahhh.

The Magic Family said...

I love the family picture... you guys are just a cute family! And what fun it is to go on trips! Good bloging Brittany!

AlliSMiles said...

hey britt! This is Alli (Shiozawa) Miles. I found your blog through Cha's. Hooray for blogging! What a fun family you have!


Logan & Papa

Logan & Papa
We took this picture at my sister Steph's wedding. You can't get cuter than this!

Logan"s first earache

Logan"s first earache
Our little buddy has his first earache. He was so miserable yesterday and crashed on daddy after a day at the doctor.

Bryan Project

Bryan Project
Bry's first spec home! What a talented husband I have.

Nordhoff Men

Nordhoff Men
The Nordhoff boy's fishing in Boston!

Roasting Peeps!

Roasting Peeps!
New best treat ever! If you have never tried this you need to try this!