Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick Update... and E-coli, are you kidding me???

Date night...
Bry was cute and got a babysitter and took me out to see Batman right when it came out. It was nice getting dressed up like a normal person, instead of my every day t-shirt and sweat shorts.

24th of July was great with friends.

We went to Liberty Park... interesting place... and watched the fireworks. Logan wasn't very cooperative, until the fireworks started. He was determined to get lost. But he loved the fireworks!!!

Here are the boys and the little children before we took our little walk to Liberty park. We went with the Magics, the Lofgrens, and the Morgans. These are Bryan's friends from High School, but let me tell you... you would think that the girls were my friends from high school. We are so close. How lucky am I that Bry's friends have the coolest wives in the world!?! Love you guys!

Here is Logan and adorable Hallie, dancing to the music.

Here is Logan and his cute friend Annie eating fruit snacks.

You can't really see, but we got all the kids glow sticks to play with in the dark.

Logan's New Trick

This is Logan's new funny thing he does. He likes to walk around with his eyes closed. It is so cute!!! Love this kid.

Breaking dawn
Yes, I finished and yes I am happy with the outcome. I wasn't crazy reading it like I was the other 3. Probably because I was in the hospital (to come later) but I still really loved it.

At Sconecutter before we went to the crazy night. We used to do this in High School all the time late at night so we thought it would be fun to reminisce.

Waiting for our books. We sat in a section with some awesome reading material to help the time pass by.

Finally 1:30 we got our books. Thanks Kristen... so much fun having a fellow crazed Twilighter!!!

Last but certainly NOT least... e-coli.
Are you kidding me? It all started with a really high fever last Tuesday. Other than the fever was acting fine so we didn't think anything of it. On Wednesday he still had a fever, he lost his appetite, and the diarehha started. Thursday was about the same as Wednesday and then Friday hit. Can we all hear a 20 diaper shout out??? Ya? My poor little guy was in so much pain and he had bloddy diarrhea. This was the day we went to the hospital first. Tons of tests and a bag of fluid later they sent us home. On Saturday they called us and said, " You need to come back in, the tests came back that he has a bacteria and it is really dangerous." Bry gave him a blessing and we headed to the hospital. Well it turned out that bacteria was the worst form of e-coli you can get. So we took even more tests... my poor baby. Yes, I broke down a couple times watching them take some of these tests. And then they admited us because things were not looking good. They told us worst case scenario, he could be put on dialysis. Excuse me??? Pretty sure we have already been through our child trauma for the rest of our lives, are we really going through this? Apparently with E-coli they can't give these little ones any antibiotics because it can lead to HUS which is a kidney disease. That is what they were watching him so closely for in the hospital.

Well the little man and his little body fought and we were released 4 days later. He didn't eat for almost a whole weak so he lost about 2 pounds. We came back home and he is getting better and better every day. His appetite is back and has already hit his pre-hospital weight. We are still not out of the woods yet though because this HUS can come on 2 weeks after the diarrhea starts so we have until next Wednesday to feel totally sure that he is fine. Here are some sad little pictures from his ordeal.

In the ER, exhausted from all his tests.

My on-the-move little child looked like this for 4 days straight in his bed. Ya! This is why I broke down so many times.

How sad is this???

All the nurses and doctors loved him, even though he hated every single one of them. One of his nurses was a friend from high school, which was really reassuring to me. With Logan the more binki's the better. They all thought this was so cute.

Yeah! Finally eating something...fries, but that was the only thing he wanted. What Logan wants, Logan gets. That has been my motto for the past week.

Popsicles with daddy. Trying to get some liquids down him. Whatever form that may be.

Exhausted again. So many tests... He was in so much pain too. The pain medication they gave him was Lora tab. That was the kind of pain he was in. I think I feel another break down coming on... give me a minute

Logan loved when daddy was with us. I did too. He is such a rock and always sees a bigger perspective on things. I love my men!!!

So you may be asking, Where in the world did he get e-coli??? Believe me, we have been wondering the same thing. He is a self-proclaimed vegetarian at the moment so we know it wasn't from meat. The health inspection department called me and tried to help me figure it out and our only conclusion is BEAR LAKE. My little sister came home from our Bear Lake trip and got ghiarrdeah(sp) and most of us haven't felt real great ever since we came home so that is our only conclusion. So the picture below is now the worst picture ever because me little guy was ingesting e-coli instead of just blowing bubbles???

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all the phone calls, fasting, and prayers that went out for our little guy. I know that this is the reason we are home today.

Home at last...
We are home now and Logan helped me make some pancakes this morning. For all the parents out there. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain. I am so glad we are home better now!!!


Mackay Family said...

You and Bry look so cute on your Batman date! I love the picture of the 4 boys with their kids. I am still sad that I couldn't come with you and Kristin to get Breaking Dawn. It looked like you guys had so much fun.

Those pictures of Logan are the saddest things ever. I still can't believe that we didn't know for so long...we need to get a better way of letting each other know about these types of things! I am so glad that he is finally feeling better and getting back to himself. I love that little guy! What would we do without the boys in our lives! :)

Jess said...

Oh Britt, honestly you and Bry are such rocks!! Seriously I am so glad our little Logan is doing ok, we still pray for him!! The pictures broke my heart, poor little guy, but I am so glad he is home!!! We love ya!!!

the Eggett's said...

OH. MY. GOSH. Britt, I feel terrible. I had no idea about what was going on with Logan. I guess I am out of the loop. I am SO SORRY! I hope he is feeling all better now. It is the worst thing to have your kid be so sick. I am so sorry!

other than that, you seem to have had a nice month! I am glad that you guys have had fun on all of your bazilliion trips, and all. I miss you and haven't seen you forever. I still have your birthday present sitting in my closet. Hopefully soon I will see you and have a chance to give it to you.

aaron and steph said...

Oh my heavens I am crying... in front of my in-laws. I can't even imagine how hard that would have been. Every time I called you made it sound like things were going better than they really were. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I love you, Bry and Logs so much... My heart aches for you. I am so glad to hear he is doing better and gaining his weight back. I can't wait to see you guys. We will for sure be home the 23rd or 24th. So it is coming soon. I love you sis and let me know if I can do anything for you.

By the way, thank you for taking me to Babinski when I came in town. You are such an amazing sister! My first baby shower is tomorrow. The wives here are throwing me one so I will call you and tell you about it. LOVE YOU!

Timothy and Candice said...

We are so glad you are home too! Love you.

Vernos said...

Are you kidding???!!! I feel so bad for you, what a rough time, Crazy that he prob got it from the lake. My mo-in-law had e-coli a few weeks ago, they think she got it from the water somewhere too! I guess the "crypto is solved" thing is not very reassuring, since there's e-coli and giarrdia!! I'm so glad he's doing better, and you are too! We'll be thinking of you!

Todd and Jenn said...

We are so so happy that Logan is better. What a scary thing to go through. Your pictures make me want to cry. We're going to Bear Lake tomorrow and I have serious anxiety.
Britt, I'm loveing your hair. You look like a hot momma in all your pics. I'm so lucky that Todd's friends wives are the cutest girls.

Shawna Wilson said...

My Goodness! I am so relieved Logan is doing well! I just read through all of that and can't imagine how difficult it would have been to go through. Seriously, having your child in the hospital and in pain is the top worst thing on my list. As for your other more happy events...they looked like fun and you look super cute!

Kristin Morgan said...

Poor guy! That is terrible! I am glad he is doing better. Those swimming pools in Utah are no good!


kmonk said...

Oh MY! I am so sorry. Here I was having a pity party over a tarantula! I am so glad things are going better! That little guy is the cutest! You are such a good mom! I am sure he felt comforted!

Mr Sansom said...

iphone to the rescue! its a good thing you had your iphone nordy. I hear they're working on a new app to cure cancer while you watch your latest podcast download. hahaha

glad to see you better last night logan

Jess said...

Ok, so I am a little behind, but so sad. When Porter had RSV he had to go to the hospital and get this crazy x-ray thing where he sat in a tube with a black screen above his face. Sooo sad to see you little ones suffer and feel helpless. I'm so happy he is doing better.

The Wright Crew said...

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