Saturday, March 28, 2009

Most recent happenings...

I am on the verge of going insane from being pregnant. I am so grateful to be pregnant, don't get me wrong, but it gets harder and harder with each pregnancy. If you are one of those women that feel amazing your whole pregnancy you can just stop reading my blog because we are no longer friends.

There has not been too many exciting things that have happened lately, mostly because I don't have the energy to make anything happen. Logan and I go to the aquarium at least once a week and I consider that a great accomplishment right now.

When Lord of the Dance was in town I took my parents and my cute Grandpa to see it. Why you might ask? Well my grandpa has always wanted me to join River Dance, so when I heard they were coming here I had to take him. I asked Bry if this was cool and he said he would pay for everyone and for dinner if he didn't have to go. Well, it was amazing and my grandpa hasn't stopped talking about it. Thanks Babe.

We have also been going to a couple Flash games because my beautiful sister, Natalie, dances for them. Logan loves going because he gets popcorn.

I also have an adorable friend, Jenn, that gave me a baby shower. It was the cutest baby shower ever! She is just one of those people who is good at doing cute things like this. I feel pretty special having such a talented friend... especially one that is willing to throw parties for me. Thanks Jen!

One other thing that I have been loving lately, no thanks to you Erin, is the D.I. Erin has the cutest dressed children in our ward. Well, one night we got to talking and she told me she bought almost all of her clothes at the D. I. So I decided to go and try it out, it was so fun. I don't think it is for everyone, but if you are a bargain shopper and you don't mind going through racks I highly recommend it. I haven't ventured anywhere but the kids section, but I have found some pretty amazing stuff that might have been worn a couple times. Just bring it home and send it through my 3 hour "stain wash" cycle and vwhala... you have name brand amazing clothes for dirt cheap. I actually don't know if this is a good thing that I am loving this because I can see how I could be obsessive... either way, thanks Erin for the revelation.

Here is a cute picture of Logan with his little friend, Annie. Logan is at the fun age where he LOVES playing with is friends. He asks me everyone morning if he can go to their houses to play.


Jess said...

Mmmm yeah why in the world have we not been going to the aquarium?! And crazy I haven't seen you there! This week babe, we are going! You look great and we are SOOOOO excited to meet the baby girl!!!!!!!!!

the beus family said...

what do you mean-I love being pregnant...not!!! I feel your pain, but you look amazing-and you are the cutest mom ever.
I also have a new love-thrift stores! i literally bought a new pair of gap jeans for my boy for 2 dollars-score!
love you britt-

Timothy and Candice said...

I too have tried the DI. I'm glad I'm not the only one. And I DID find some good things!

Mackay Family said...

Why are we not all going to the aquarium together? The kids would all have so much fun! You look so cute and I can't wait to meet the baby girl! Never would have thought to look at the D.I....glad you found Logan some cute things!

Taryn and the boys said...

I can't believe how old Logan is looking. Man they get big fast! You're getting so close. We are excited to see her.

Heather-joy said...

Pretty sure you are a-maz-ing!!! I am so excited for you to have this little punkin pie and want to meet her soon thereafter. Where are you delivering? I am also proud of you being a bargain shopper, I get overwhelmed when there's too much stuff to look through. I love that your grandpa has waned you to join lord of the dance or was it river dance? He just sounds awesome :)

oh and as always plus 1 and infinity!!!

I miss your beautiful smile miss britt!

The Funky Bunch said...

Okay first of all I had no idea Lord of the Dance was here....and second of all I am jealous you got to go! I love love love Lord of the dance! Seriously I could watch them all day!

Okay, so I know how you feel a little bit. I know you are on your 3rd baby so I can understand the anticipation and the fact that you are just plain uncomfortable. I am sorry. She will be here soon! You look fabulous because I know you always do, even though I can't remember the last time I physically got to see you? You always look beautiful though!

Okay and I love that you bought clothes at the DI! Seriously! Mark and I went there about 3 years ago and found all these cool Knick Knacks to put in our house. I better try out the clothes! And you know I love a bargain...I never pay full price for anything!!! Yahoo!!!!! Well, I am excited to see you at the BDay dinner. Sorry such a long post!

kmonk said...

Wow! 20 days! I can't believe it! I am so excited to pics of your new little one! I hope you have sort of enjoyed your life away from drill team!!!

Vernos said...

how fun, I love that he "paid ya off" to go w/out him, hahaha!! Ps, Logan is so cute, seriously!

erin T to the S said...

moooaaahhahahahah another convert to DI-ism!! Long live DI.

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