Thursday, January 15, 2009

Zoo Lights

As I said below, Bry was M.I.A on New Year's Eve because he went to the sugar bowl. Logan and I weren't going to let that ruin our night so we went to zoo lights with my family and then to my brothers house to play games, watch movies, and eat good food. Zoo lights was cold, but so fun. We are probably going to go every year now! My sis, steph is came to help me with my blog today. I learned how to do these collages. Look at me now... no hands!


The Funky Bunch said...

Wow. YOu look so pretty in that picture with Logan. Fun fun outing.

the Eggett's said...

wow Britt, you look like a model in that pic with Logan!

Mackay Family said...

Love the picture of you and Logan!!! You look amazing! Now you have to teach me how to do the collages!

Todd and Jenn said...

Your going to have to teach me how to do the collages and ditto with everyone else that commented about you looking like a hot momma.

Jess said...

Ok you are GORGEOUS!!! Also tomorrow night you teach me to do the collages?? I love them!

Your best friend, Ashley said...

1. i am so glad you are back blogging. seriously. this is my only connection to you- as sad as that is i embrace it and am always looking for more.

2. when i saw this last post, i wanted to comment on how fabulous you are looking- turns out i am 5 comments late. but i feel the same way as my fellow bloggers.

3. i laughed for a good while AGAIN when i thought of the bum slapping story. never gets old- only better.

4. i miss you. someday, can we meet again!?

Taryn and the boys said...

I need to learn how to do those that's way cute. You look so good! Apparently everyone else thinks so too.

Logan & Papa

Logan & Papa
We took this picture at my sister Steph's wedding. You can't get cuter than this!

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Logan"s first earache
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Bryan Project
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Roasting Peeps!
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