Thursday, January 29, 2009

My hubby!

Well, it’s official…my fabulous hubby is old now (well, not really he is just 30). As I have been thinking about this birthday I wanted him to know how much I loved and appreciated him so I thought of 30 things that I love about him. This was actually really hard to do for me because I had to narrow it down to just 30. So here you go Bry… I love you.

I love…

1- How much Logan worships him and wants to be exactly like him.

2- How freakin’ hot he is. Those beautiful blue eyes and that tight sexy butt. Yep! he’s all mine.

3- How a fun size Butterfinger can cure and disagreement.

4- How much he loves talking about his mission and how much he knows about the gospel.

5- How he can fix or build ANYTHING!

6- How he is good at all sports and loves teaching Logan.

7- How he loves to serve others anonymously

8- How safe he makes me feel.

9- How he can’t go through a day without calling me.

10- How hard he works to provide for our family.

11- How fascinated he is in learning new things. How he remembers pretty much everything he learns I will never understand?

12- How he makes me feel when he really kisses me. You know what I am talking about ladies!

13- How easily he makes friends.

14- How much he loves his family especially his parents.

15- How tough he is…. So if he cries I absolutely lose it. I can count on one hand how many times he has cried since we have been married and each time it has meant the world to me.

16- How he fulfills and always has fulfilled his church callings to the best of his ability.

17- How he is such a good driver. (Once again, I always feel safe with him) He can pull, back up, and drive anything. One of his dream jobs is to be a stunt car driver.

18- How I find little “boxes of wonders” all over the house.

19- How he will serve himself a tiny portion at dinner so he can go back for seconds and then tell me how good dinner is.

20- How contagious his laugh is and how me laughs at all my stupid jokes.

21- How the gifts he gives me never cease to surprise me.

22- How he loves to write down goals and has me do it with him.

23- How he sees the bigger perspective on situations that are challenging

24- How he will buy me a treat or dinner any time I ask especially when I am pregnant.

25- How he lets me have time for myself whenever I need it.

26- How he is obsessed with being organized with most things, but he can’t seem to keep his clothes off the bedroom floor.

27- How much he loves my cookies.

28- How all kids just flock to him. He can make any kid stop crying. He is so easy to love.

29- How he has an obsessive personality. Once he starts liking something he wants to do that all the time.

30- How much he loves going to the temple and how lucky I feel to know I get to spend eternity with this amazing person.

I love you babe! Happy Birthday!


Katherine said...

Happy Birthday old timer!

Romney Family said...

I would love to come visit with you. I will have to call you after we all get better. Ava and I have a cold right now! Hope your family is doing well! Happy Birthday Bryan!

Jess said...

Happy 30th Birthday Bry!!! Hope you have a great day and Britt you are such a cute wifey! :)

The Morzelewski Family said...

Aw, that was sweet! 30 is a big one!!!! You still have a few years to go Britt :-) It was so fun to see you the other day!!!! Love Ya!

The Funky Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Bry! You are officially over the girls are only a few short years away, so don't feel bad. :)

Britt, that was such a sweet tribute to your hubby pooh! See you guys tomorrow.

Mackay Family said...

Happy Birthday Bry! I can't believe that you are the big 30! Sad that we can't come to your party. Drink a Dew for Garrett!

Todd and Jenn said...

Such a cute idea! I love this. I might have to steal it for Todd's birthday. I can't believe our husbands are turning 30. They are so old.

Katie Corbridge said...

What a cute post and clever! What a great guy!

Colin, Jamie and Presley Kent said...

Hey Brit!! I miss you as my visiting teacher, and I especially miss your delicious chocolate chip cookies! I hope all is well with you and your family! Tell Katherine hi for me!!

-Jamie Kent-

PS my blog is private so shoot me and email and I will invite you!!

Kirkland's said...

Old? PaLease! Happy b-day, that was quite the list...what a great guy you married!

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