Thursday, April 8, 2010


Earlier this week i was out running errands with the kids. I unlocked the car, got the kids in the car and then, like i do many times, couldn't find where i put my keys after i unlocked the car. As I was searching i thought...hmmm... this could be a good teaching opportunity for Logan. In conference this past week i was reminded that i need to be a much better mom and i need to teach my kids about the gospel even more starting today. So... I said, "Logan, Mom can't find her keys, let's say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help mom remember where she put her keys." We said a prayer, I looked around and there they were.

A few days later the same situation happened. As I was looking around for my keys Logan said, "mom we need to say a prayer to find them." Yeah!- my child is listening to me.I am sure we would have found them eventually,but I was wanting to teach a gospel principal so we prayed and we found them again. Right after we found them, "Logan said, mom we need to say a prayer to find my keys." This is when I kind of panicked. Logan had some "cars" keys that have been lost for months. I really gave up on finding them because I was sure they were probably stashed somewhere never to be found again. But, we said the prayer. Right after the prayer, "Logan said, mom, it didn't work." I said, "maybe we can go home and look for them and heavenly father can help us remember where you put them last." But, Logan needed to call nana immediately and tell her that he couldn't find his keys anywhere and he prayed and it didn't work. So, we called nana. Logan said to her in a sad tone, "Nana, i can't find my keys they's is lost. I said a prayer and it duhdn't work." Nana, then to my surprise said- Oh, I found your keys at my house this morning. Logan then said, "mom it worked- nana found my keys." Um... ok, these keys were lost people. I had zero faith that we would ever find them and thus, my teaching methods had gone down the drain. But, apparently I was the one that needed to learn a lesson. Logan does understand what I am teaching him and he has way more faith than i do. When i came home and told bry what happened he said, " we need to start having him pray for more things." Seriously, what a great lesson i learned by teaching my amazing child the power of prayer.


Todd and Jenn said...

So cute! We have had so many experiences like these and they always amaze me. Conference made me think about how I'm teaching our kids too. I was getting upset the other day and Annie said, "mommy you aren't following Jesus". It's amazing what spiritual things these little ones absorb.

Timothy and Candice said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe that story! That's amazing!!

Kirbi said...

Brittany!!! Holy moly girl!! I can't believe it's really you! How are things? You and your little family are so dang cute. You look so happy, I am so stoked for you! How is the family? Gosh it has been forever! We should be blogging buddies, although I must admit that I do not keep up on it that well :) Gosh, it is great to see you lady!

Kirsten said...

What a heart warming story! I am constantly amazed by the faith of children.
And you have beautiful children by the way!

aircastles-internet-marketing said...

What a lovely family you have, reminds me of when my children were little. I looked in my genealogy files and all I have that might be related is Elizabeth (Eliza) Ann Nordyke.

Thank you for sharing

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~Bella~ said...

This was a really nice story :)

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