Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Latest...

I realize I fell off the blogging world. After I posted the last news I became well acquainted with the toilet for the next 3 months. I was extremely sick with Alexa as well. Turns out we have a pattern… it’s a Girl. We are all really excited and Logan is starting to understanding there is a baby in moms belly. So there hasn’t been much to blog about lately either because I have just been trying to take care of a toddler and myself. Now that I am feeling better things are looking more positive. For Halloween Logan was the cutest pirate in the history of pirates. In November we had Logan’s Birthday party which turned out great. We also have been sledding and had our first Christmas that Logan understood what presents were. He is on a lightning McQueen kick so that was the present he was most excited about. That is a quick synopsis. I can’t promise that I will be a fabulous blogger now, but
won’t wait 4 months to post again.


Katie Corbridge said...

Congratulations! That is such fun news!!! We're so happy for you guys! And now you can use those baby girl clothes you've been saving:)! She'll be one fantastic dancer too, I'm sure of it!

The Buckley's said...

Yeah! I am so excited for you guys to add another little girl to your family! I was way sick with my girls to but not so much with my boy. Isn't that funny? Love the pirate costume and he is so dang cute and big. Hope you had a good Christmas!

aaron and steph said...

Heavens I love your little Logan! I love that picture at his party with mom and dad.. awesome shot! LOVE YOU SIS! And thank you for bringing your yummy yummy salad to Nixon's blessing you are the best!

Jess said...

Yeah you are back, how I have missed you in the blogging world!!! Still can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for a GIRL cousin!!!!

Mackay Family said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! I am so excited that you are having a girl! It will be so fun! Don't stay away so long next time!

Taryn and the boys said...


Timothy and Candice said...

He IS the cutest pirate in the history of pirates!

kmonk said...

I want to have Christmas at your house! It looked like a lot of putting-together-toy- fun!! I am glad to hear you are feeling better.

gay said...

britt you are a trooper! i seriously think i would only have one child if i had three months of puking! your little man looks like quite the stud, but of course we wouldn't expect anything else. good luck the next couple of months!

the Eggett's said...

Wow, I kinda assumed you had abaondoned your blog, so it was good to see that you had posted! Glad to see that you guys have been having fun!

Todd Sansom said...

he's got more cars than his daddy! what are you going to do about that nord? Brit, i need to get you the pics. patience is a wonderful virtue. ;-)

Heather-joy said...

yep pretty sure you brought tears to my eyes when I read "It's a girl" I am so excited for you Britt, plus 1 and infinity! I hope you're still doing okay, I need updates okay?!? PLEASE!

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Logan & Papa
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